Burkina Faso protests ‘unidentified’ foreign military overflights, requests advanced notice

Burkina Faso has asked for advance warning of foreign military overflights, warning that any unidentified planes will be considered "enemy"

Tel Tamer’s hectic hospital belies northern Syria ceasefire

Near the front line town of Tel Tamer, Syrian rebels backed by Turkish airpower and artillery capture a new village…

US seeks Coalition meeting on ISIS threat in West Africa and the Sahel

The United States is seeking a meeting of the Global Coalition Against ISIS early in 2020 to focus on threats…

Russia moves helicopters to new Syria base in Qamishli near Turkey border

Russia has begun moving helicopters and other equipment to a new base in Qamishli in northeastern Syria near the Turkey…

SDF secures ‘ticking time-bomb’ ISIS prisoners in Syria against alarming odds

The Syrian Democratic Forces struggles to contain ISIS prisoners in northeast Syria as the US warns their conditions are a…

Turkey begins deporting ‘foreign terrorist fighters’ to Europe and the US

Turkey's government intends to deport at least 25 citizens of Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland and the US

US cautions Serbia against acquiring ‘significant Russian military systems’

A US official expressed concern about Serbia's interest in Russian air defense systems, warning Belgrade to be "cautious" about buying…

New US-led coalition launches Operation Sentinel to protect Persian Gulf shipping

The new US-led naval International Maritime Security Construct launched Operation Sentinel to protect shipping in the Persian Gulf

Trump administration sends mixed signals on Lebanon military aid

A US official pushed back on reports that the Trump administration had suspended aid to Lebanon's Armed Forces, the National…

The relevance of ground-based midcourse missile defense

Ground-based Midcourse Defense is a critical element of US national defense against ballistic missiles, David Daly argues