Tel Tamer’s hectic hospital belies northern Syria ceasefire

Near the front line town of Tel Tamer, Syrian rebels backed by Turkish airpower and artillery capture a new village…

“The sky is against us” – Syrian Christian fighters struggle to hold their lines in Tel Tamer

Syriac Military Council's Aram Hanna says resisting Turkey-backed rebels in northern Syria is impossible without heavy weapons

Russia moves helicopters to new Syria base in Qamishli near Turkey border

Russia has begun moving helicopters and other equipment to a new base in Qamishli in northeastern Syria near the Turkey…

Turkey begins deporting ‘foreign terrorist fighters’ to Europe and the US

Turkey's government intends to deport at least 25 citizens of Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland and the US

US and SDF resume joint operations against ISIS sleeper cells in Syria

US forces and the SDF have begun operations against ISIS sleeper cells in northern Syria, foreign affairs official Aldar Xelil…

Dozens injured as multiple explosions hit Qamishli in northeast Syria

A series of bombs exploded in the northeast Syrian border town of Qamishli, killing at least one person

Car bomb hits Suluk near Syria-Turkey border

A car bomb in northeast Syria killed eight people and wounded more than 20 people in an area of the…

Turkey says it arrested dead ISIS leader Baghdadi’s sister in Azaz

Turkish forces in northern Syria detained a sister of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS who was killed in…

It took almost a year, but a simple shift in US stance led to Turkey’s assault against Syria’s Kurds

US diplomats' short-sighted Syria strategy may have led to Turkey's incrusion and unravelled the partnership with the SDF

Turkey and Russia begin joint patrols on northern Syria border

Turkish and Russian forces on Friday, November 1 began joint patrols near the Syria-Turkey border under a deal agreed in…