Russia warns Turkey against attacking Syrian forces in Idlib

Russia warned Turkey against attacking Syrian forces after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to launch an operation in Idlib

Syria: Iran IRGC member killed in Aleppo rocket strike

A member of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Hamidreza Babelkhani, was killed in bombardment in Syria's Aleppo

Syrian helicopter shot down over western Aleppo, second in days to be downed in northwest

A Syrian regime helicopter crashed in western Aleppo, reportedly shot down by rebel fighters just days after a similar incident…

US forces clash with locals at Syrian regime checkpoint in Qamishli

US troops clashed with civilians near Qamishli in northeast Syria near the Turkish border following a confrontation over an American…

Indonesia says it won’t repatriate nearly 700 ISIS fighters from Syria

Indonesia has said it will not bring home nearly 700 hundred nationals who joined ISIS over security fears, but added…

Turkish soldiers killed by Syrian army artillery fire near Idlib outpost

Five Turkish soldiers were killed and five others injured in artillery fire at an outpost in Idlib province in northwest…

Syria missile defense systems nearly shot down passenger plane after latest Israeli strikes, Russia says

Syrian missile defense systems nearly shot down a passenger plane while responding to an Israeli attack near Damascus, Russia said

Northeast Syria administration plans trials for ISIS suspects this spring

The Kurdish autonomous administration in northeast Syria will begin trials of ISIS suspects in the spring, Abdulkarim Omar said

Syrian army pushes forward with Idlib offensive

Syrian regime forces pressed on with their offensive in Idlib province that has displaced half a million people, despite heightened…

Turkish counter-attack kills Syrian soldiers in Idlib province

Syrian government troops were killed by Turkish shelling in the northwestern region of Idlib in retaliation for a deadly regime…