Jared Szuba

Turkish military shells Syrian positions in retaliation for regime fire

Turkish forces struck Syrian positions in response to an artillery strike that killed a soldier and wounded three others in…

New Syrian military councils are the SDF’s latest push for decentralization

Military councils in Tal Abyad, Kobane, Tabqa, Raqqa, Qamishli and al-Hol are part of the SDF’s transition to a “new…

Raqqa security deteriorates as US drawdown threatens northern Syria stability

The drawdown of US troops from Syria has made Coalition allies’ sustained commitment to the counter-ISIS mission significantly more difficult

Pro-regime and Iran-backed militias sweep Syria-Iraq border for ISIS cells

The National Defense Forces, Syrian Arab Army troops, Lebanese Hezbollah and Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units are sweeping the border for…

Iraqi police officer killed by Coalition ‘friendly fire’ near Kirkuk

An Iraqi federal police officer was killed and two others wounded by US-led Coalition aircraft fire near Kirkuk

ISIS steps up attacks on pro-Assad troops in Syria’s Badia desert

ISIS claims deadly attacks against Syrian government and pro-regime forces west of the Euphrates

Fighting continues in Tripoli after US relocates personnel from key Libya operations center

Khalifa Haftar’s LNA advanced near a key US operations center near Tripoli prior to the evacuation of US personnel from…

Haftar’s Libyan National Army advances on Tripoli as western militias mobilize

General Khalifa Haftar ordered his Libyan National Army to move on the capital Tripoli ahead of UN talks aimed at…

‘We have no choice but to liberate Efrin’ – Aldar Xelil on northern Syria’s next moves

Syrian Kurdish official Aldar Xelil says his forces are not counting on outside powers to protect them from Turkey

ISIS’s ‘caliphate’ was crushed. Now Syria’s Kurd-led alliance faces bigger battles

Reporting from Syria in the dying days of the ISIS caliphate, Jared Szuba talks to Kurds and Arabs about the…